Welcome to the Adena Docs!

Adena is a friendly web3 wallet for managing assets and connecting to dapps on the Gnoland blockchain. As the first non-custodial wallet on Gnoland, we aim to provide Gnomes with a seamless web3 interaction experience. Whether you're an adventurous user exploring the world of crypto or an aspiring developer looking to build innovative blockchain applications, Adena will be your most reliable Gateway to Gnoland.

Why Adena?

  1. Frictionless Onboarding: All you need is just a few clicks to sign into your crypto wallet! Adena also supports signing in with Google for high accessibility.

  2. Built for Gnoland: As a standalone smart contracts blockchain, Gnoland needs a native wallet for its mass adoption. Adena is designed to be Gnoland-friendly and fully compatible with Gnolang, the language that powers all dapps on Gnoland.

  3. Explore the Gnoland Ecosystem: Adena showcases dapps that are building on Gnoland. Discover aspiring projects developing innovative products!

  4. Seamless NFT Management: Adena provides a simple gallery for your digital collectibles. Managing NFTs has never been easier!

  5. Secure: As a non-custodial wallet, your seed phrase private keys are encrypted and stored exclusively on your device. Only you have full control of your data.

Adena is currently available as a Chrome extension (soon available on iOS and Android).

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