Detect Wallet

Adena enables web applications to interact with the Gnoland blockchain, allowing users to sign and broadcast transactions.

Once the Adena Wallet Chrome Extension is installed on the user's device, the adena object will be injected into the window. To detect the installation of Adena Wallet, look for window.adena. If Adena is not installed, we suggest directing your users to our website on a new tab.

Sample Code

window.onload = async() => {
  //look for the adena object
  if (!window.adena) {
    //open in a new tab if the adena object is not found"", "_blank");
  } else {
    //write your logic here
    //the sample code below displays a method provided by Adena that initiates a connection
    await adena.AddEstablish("Adena");

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