Style Guide

The Signature Blue logo is used with a dark background by default to reflect our corporate principles being reliability and future-orientation. Using the Signature White logo is recommended for grayscale-toned websites.

Using the logo with square and circular backgrounds is allowed.

The Circular Type logo is used as the icon for the Chrome extension and mobile applications.

Do not modify the logo!

The Adena logo should not be altered in any way. Examples of prohibited use are:

  • Distorting the logo

  • Rotating the logo

  • Changing the colors or gradations

  • Changing the font of the Logotype area

  • Using special effects

2. Typeface

Poppins is the base font used throughout Adena's suite of products. Poppins is an open source font with a clean, modern style that reflects the streamlined web3 experience we aim to bring to our users.

3. Color Palette

The primary brand color of Adena is Adena Blue, represented in hex as #0059FF. In most cases, dark colors under the Neutral group are used for backgrounds with white colors under the same group as the font color. Red colors are used to present errors or failures; and the Green colors for successful actions and completion.

Gradients or shadows are used to distinguish the components from backgrounds or to put an emphasis.

Do not alter our primary brand color!

Altering our primary brand color, Adena Blue, is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.

4. Icons

Icons serve as buttons, indicators, or inputs within our products.

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