Set Up Air-gap Account

What is an air-gap account?

Air-gap is a term for an environment in which a device is completely isolated from the Internet or any kind of wireless communication such as Wifi, Bluetooth, or NFC, and even direct connections with online devices via USB cables.

When applied to key management in crypto, an air-gap account refers to an account in which its private key is created and kept in an air-gapped device.

Air-gap accounts are considered the most secure key management method as they are completely disconnected from the internet while being independent of third-party vendors who are vulnerable to supply-chain attacks or software bugs.

How does the air-gapped signing work?

Signing a transaction from your air-gapped environment and broadcasting it to the blockchain involves a 3-step process.

  1. Create a signed transaction file from your air-gapped device with the Gno CLI.

  2. Transfer the signed transaction file from your air-gapped device to your online device in which Adena is installed, using a USB or a flash drive.

  3. Broadcast the signed transaction file to the blockchain by uploading the file to Adena.

How do I create an air-gap account?

  1. Purchase a new PC or reset an existing one to factory settings to use as an air-gapped device. This is done to ensure that the device is completely free from malware.

  2. Disconnect your device from the internet forever.

  3. Back up your seed phrase somewhere safe and secure.

How do I sign transactions with an air-gap account?

In an air-gapped environment, a device must only exchange data via indirect physical connections using QR codes, micro SD cards, or flash drives. This means that you must create a signed transaction file from your air-gapped device and transfer it over to Adena for broadcasting. Please refer to this section for a detailed guide.

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