Change Network

A variety of Gnoland blockchain networks are available on Adena by default. A blue checkmark will indicate which network you're connected to.

  • Testnet 3: The official testnet supported by Gnoland's official RPC endpoint.

  • Local: A local Gnoland network running on your device.

  • Gno-Teritori-Testnet: A custom Gnoland network developed and maintained by the Teritori Team.

1. Switch between networks by simply clicking on the one you'd like to connect to.

2. To add a custom Gnoland network on Adena, click on Add Custom Network.

3. Enter the Network name, the RPC address, and the Chain ID of your custom network and click on Save.

4. You may edit a custom network by clicking on the Pencil Icon next to the name of the network.

5. Edit any field and press Save to save your changes, or delete the network by clicking on Remove Network.

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