I'm new to Gnoland and I don't have any tokens. How can I get started?

To get started, visit this community-developed faucet to receive some testnet GNOTs. Then, check out the Explore page on Adena for a list of projects building on Gnoland.

What tokens does Adena support?

For now, Adena only supports GNOT. We will soon support all Gnoland-based tokens such as GNOSH, GRC-20s, and GRC-721s.

How does "Sign In With Google" work?

Adena has integrated with Web3Auth, an infrastructure that allows secure & non-custodial private key split and reconstruction based on their multi-party computation technology. Simply put, Web3Auth splits your private key into multiple shares, which are distributed across their nodes and reconstructed once you authenticate yourself with your Google account. No single 3rd party ever has access to your whole key besides you, which makes the Web3Auth infrastructure non-custodial.

What are the differences between available networks?

Adena currently supports 3 different networks: Testnet 3, Testnet 2, and Local.

  • Testnet 3: The latest version of the Gnoland Testnet. We recommend using this network, for now, to interact with dapps and projects.

  • Testnet 2: The previous version of the Gnoland Testnet. Testnet 2 has been archived, so we do not recommend using it.

  • Local: A network that you may only access by setting up a local environment. The local network is mainly used by developers for testing and prototyping purposes. If you're a developer, check out this guide to learn how to configure your local environment.

Can I import accounts from other wallets?

Yes, you may import your existing accounts from other wallets to Adena. Click on this link for a detailed guide.

How do I recover tokens sent to a wrong address?

Adena cannot recover your tokens sent to a wrong address. A finalized transaction on a blockchain is irreversible. As Adena doesn't track any user information, there's no way for us to contact the owner of the address. Please be sure to double-check the details of your transaction before submitting it to the blockchain.

Is Adena available on mobile devices?

Adena will soon be available on Android and iOS devices! Be sure to follow us on Twitter to be the first one to hear the news!

How do I update Adena?

The Chrome browser automatically checks and updates all browser extensions once every few hours.

You can also manually update Adena with the following steps:

  1. Visit chrome://extensions/ in your browser.

  2. Activate Developer mode by clicking on the button on the top right corner of the page.

  3. Click on the Update button on the top left corner.

Are there any fees paid to Adena?

No. You're only charged with a transaction fee that's 100% paid to the network. Adena doesn't collect any fees from users.

Do you plan to support other networks in the future?

Yes. Due to the interoperable nature of the Cosmos ecosystem that Gnoland is part of, support for inter-blockchain transfers between different blockchains is crucial for UX improvement. As of now, we plan to support blockchains that are inter-connected with Gnoland to ensure that users can send/receive tokens flowing in and out of Gnoland.


What is a seed phrase?

A seed phrase is a randomly-generated string of words that gives you access to a wallet. A wallet can hold several accounts, each with a unique address. A wallet serves as a master key to all of your accounts, meaning that losing your seed phrase will result in the loss of all associated accounts.

This is why it's very important that you NEVER share your seed phrase with anyone. Anyone with your seed phrase will have full access to your wallet along with all assets in it. The Adena support team will NEVER ask you for your seed phrase under any circumstances.

What's the difference between a private key and a seed phrase?

A private key is used to sign transactions sent from your account. It is unique to a single account and is derived from your seed phrase, meaning that you can always recover your private key as long as you have your seed phrase. However, both are equally as important, as losing either can be used to access your account.

How does Adena store my seed phrase?

Adena encrypts your seed phrase and your private keys with your password and stores them only on your device. However, if you've imported accounts from Ledger, your private key only remains on your Ledger, not on your device where Adena is installed.

I've connected to a malicious website! How do I make sure my tokens are safe?

First, revoke your connection to the website at the Connected Apps page. Then, we highly recommend creating a new wallet with a new seed phrase and transferring all your assets from your current wallet to protect yourself from possible key exposure.


Why does my transaction keep failing?

Below are a few possible reasons why your transactions could be failing.

  1. The Gnoland blockchain has halted: As the Gnoland blockchain is in its testnet phase, it might experience short outages from time to time. This issue usually gets addressed and fixed quickly. The best solution is to try again in a few hours.

  2. Your transaction has run out of gas: This usually happens when executing transactions from a realm (smart contract) on a dapp. If you're a user, contact the dapp developer for help. If you're a developer, increase the gas limit.

  3. Your Adena Extension is not updated: Be sure that you're using the latest version of Adena on the About Adena page. To check for the latest version available, visit the official download page for Adena and scroll down to the Version Section on Additional Information.

It can be challenging for you to identify the cause as a normal user. If you need help with troubleshooting, please visit Adena's Official Discord Channel on Gnoland's Server and ask for support. Make sure that you're getting help from an official team member of Adena with the role team/onbloc.

Why do I keep getting the "Invalid seed phrase" error?

Check for typos, and make sure that you're entering a 12 or 24-word long seed phrase with no trailing white spaces.

I forgot my password and didn't back up my seed phrase! Is there a way to recover my wallet?

Adena is a non-custodial wallet, meaning that all user data including your password, keys, and your seed phrase, is stored on your own device. Once you lose these, there's no way for us to recover them. Please be sure to back them up somewhere safe.


I'm a dapp developer! How can I integrate Adena to my web application?

Integrating Adena is a total breeze for any developer. Get started by checking out our integration manual, and follow the steps in order.

Can I add a logo for my token on Adena?

Yes! We allow anyone from the community to add logos of their tokens on Adena by submitting a PR on this repository. Carefully read and follow the instructions in the repository. However, your request might be declined if we suspect your project to be harmful or malicious.

Feedback & Support

How do I share a feedback or an idea for a new feature?

Your feedback is highly valued at Adena. Please fill out this form where you can submit feedback or suggestions.

How do I report a bug?

Email us at support@adena.app or submit a PR on our official Github Repository.


Can't find what you're looking for? Reach out to us at support@adena.app.

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