Advanced options

These options will generate a seed phrase or a private key on your device. Only proceed if you understand and have a sufficient understanding of how to safely store them.

What are seed phrases and private keys?

A seed phrase is a randomly generated set of words that gives you access to a wallet. A wallet can hold several accounts, each with a unique address. A seed phrase serves as a master key to all of your accounts, meaning that losing it will result in the loss of all associated accounts.

Meanwhile, a private key is unique to a single account and is derived from your seed phrase, meaning that you can always recover your private key as long as you have your seed phrase. Furthermore, private keys are used to sign transactions sent from your account.

It is important to NEVER share your seed phrase or private keys with anyone, it will give full access to your wallet along with all assets in it. The Adena support team will NEVER ask you for your seed phrase under any circumstances.

How should I manage my private keys?

Below are things to avoid when managing your private key created or imported with advanced options:

❌ DO NOT store it in online environments such as your email or cloud storage.

❌ DO NOT share it with anyone besides yourself.

❌ DO NOT enter it in an untrusted third-party dApp.

How does the Google Login work?

Adena supports multi-party computation (MPC) technology, provided by Web3auth. Simply put, MPC "splits" your private key into multiple shares, which are each bound to various factors including passwords, devices, or social accounts (Google Login). You may recover the account by reconstructing the private key by submitting your shares, which provides a convenient sign-in flow that's similar to traditional logins. This method is entirely non-custodial, as only you have access to your whole private key. You may also export the key to restore your account in external wallets or services.

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