Adena Docs

Create New Wallet

1. Click on Create New Wallet.
2. Adena will generate a new seed phrase for you. Before you can see it, however, you must first acknowledge that your seed phrase will only be stored on your device and Adena can't recover it for you. Reveal your phrase by activating the Checkbox and clicking on Reveal Seed Phrase.
3. Adena will display your seed phrase. After you save your phrase in a safe place, activate the Checkbox and click on Next to proceed to the next step.
Protect your seed phrase!
Your seed phrase is the only way to recover your wallet. Anyone with your seed phrase can steal your funds, so be sure to keep it somewhere safe. Also, note that our team will NEVER ask for your seed phrase under any circumstances. Check out this blog post to learn more about how seed phrases work and tips to keep them secure.
4. Create a password that you will use to unlock your wallet. Your password must be 8~256 characters long and only contain alphanumeric and special characters. Be sure to avoid using common passwords such as: 12345678, qwerty12, passw0rd, or iloveyou. Note that this password is unique to your current device. Confirm your password, activate the Checkbox, and click on Save to proceed.
5. That's it! You've successfully signed into Adena with your newly created seed phrase. Click on Start to launch Adena!