Adena Docs

Sign In With Google

1. Click on Sign in With Google.
2. A new window will pop up and prompt you to sign in with your Google account. Once you sign in, Adena will automatically detect your login and take you to the next step.
How does this work?
Adena has integrated with Web3Auth, a key management infrastructure provider that relies on multi-party computation. Simply put, Web3Auth splits your keys between its nodes and lets you retrieve them with your Google Account. The Web3Auth Login is a non-custodial service, meaning that no single party ever has access to your keys. If you'd like to learn more about Web3Auth, visit their website.
3. Create a password that you will use to unlock your wallet. Your password must be 8~256 characters long and only contain alphanumeric and special characters. Be sure to avoid using common passwords such as 12345678, qwerty12, passw0rd, or iloveyou. Note that this password is unique to your current device. Confirm your password, activate the Checkbox, and click on Save to proceed.
4. That's it! You've successfully signed into Adena with your Google account. Click on Start to launch Adena!